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MATH EDUCATIONPythabacus Enterprises presents the Pythabacus, an abacus like bead and rod math education tool based on geometric principles explored by the pythagoreans.  Multiplication and other math processes and concepts are dramatically demonstrated with the Pythabacus. The math processes arise intrinsically from the geometry of the Pythabacus. Math education and discovery become an adventure in geometry on the abacus like device.

SCIENCE GAMEPythabacus Enterprises presents  Cosmic Consequences, a physics science concepts board game that translates leading edge physics concepts into chances, choices and consequences on a journey through the cosmos. While playing the game learn about the four fundamental forces identified by science. Learn contemporary physics concepts and have fun slaying dragons.

Also at Pythabacus explore an interactive program that models the Rishon Theory of how the universe is made. Rishons are the simpliest logical elements that might compose matter. Use this tool to explore how rishons may compose the fundamental particles with which physics science predicts the the interactions of atomic and nuclear matter.